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It is a popular question that arises among new braces-wearers: If I am having regular orthodontic checkups, do I really still need to see the dentist? The answer is yes. While you might think the attention professionals are paying to your teeth is already impressive, you should never skip your regular dental checkups. This is the only method that ensures nearly all harmful buildup is removed from your mouth. Maybe you are wearing clear aligners for your adjustment. Cleanings are still necessary. The clear plastic mouthpiece helps to create a warm, moist environment where bacteria can grow. Your dentist is your primary oral health provider. This means the dentist is typically the first to diagnose any problems, while helping you maintain clean and healthy teeth.

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Just take it more easy. Even if it’s getting intense then still do it fast but not hard. Also try not putting your lips on the braces and keep the lips together not in each others mouths, the tongue is for that!

Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Hoffman on braces to widen smile: depends on the level of crowding. I

Understanding Your Braces Bands: Round metal braces that go around the back molars. These are the metal or ceramic braces that are placed on each tooth. The single rubber colors we put around the brackets to hold the wire in place. A thin metal wire that is tied over the wire around one bracket, for a secure hold, and it takes the place of an O-ring. The rubber colors that are connected in a line and are put around the brackets to help close spacing and hold the wire in place.

A thin metal wire that is criss-crossed around the brackets under the wire to help keep the space closed between the teeth. These are used to move your teeth into their proper places. A metal hook that is added to a bracket that does not have its own hook so that elastics can be placed. Arch wire that goes through the brace slot to help the teeth move.

O-rings hold the wire in place. Either clear or grey thin elastic thread that is weaved under the wire around the brackets to help close space. Metal spring that is open and put in tightly between two brackets to help open up space between two teeth. This spring is put through the wire.

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Sorry, back to the topic at hand. I had an appointment last Wednesday The 5th if you skipped the title. I am a little miffed about this appointment for two reasons, well two and a half. First, lets get the elastics conversation out of the way. I had done some reading online about wearing elastics and thing that was mentioned was not to double up on elastics because it could damage your root and also slow the process.

My orthodontist has me doubling up on my right side, I would post photos but the lighting is poor.

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Hello Everyone Just thought I would share my experiences with twin block braces my 11 year old daughter currently has. She found them very difficult for the first week painkillers and plenty of tlc but after this they really started to feel a lot better. Her speech improved and she felt a lot more confident about wearing them.

She doesn’t wear them to eat but she does to drink. She has had them for 6 months now and has to have them for a further 6 months. She has had a few issues with ulcers because they have rubbed at times. There is no reason at all that an orthodontist shouldn’t be able to do this for you. If it doesn’t work the first time, go back again and keep on going back until they feel pain free! If the orthondontist won’t do this for you I suggest you threaten to find another more understanding one. We don’t need to have children putting up with pain of ulcers.

Good Luck everyone – and persevere, they are worth it! Karen Jones 4 January 18 Hi I have the same problem to and what I do I push the braces forward then I clean around the affected area with the interdental and the mouthwash and all the other stuff they give you then I push the actual ring itself forward and the tooth back because what is happening is that the tooth wants to go back but the ring is going back with it which it is not supposed to be doing hence why the rubbing on the gums and painful ulcers.

I would also suggest call your dentist or orthodontist to book an appointment because it could be that the ring has bent around the wrong way. But I hope this helps Zipporah 1 December 17 Alright, braces.

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Can you double up on braces rubber bands? even after years of having braces. You’re still moving your teeth and still creating a strain on your gums. I have triangle elastics and on each side I have a hook of wire the orthodontist made, and one just broke off. I’m not available to go visit a dentist soon, so my questions is, is it.

Ancient[ edit ] According to scholars and historians, braces date back to ancient times. Around BC, Hippocrates and Aristotle contemplated ways to straighten teeth and fix various dental conditions. Archaeologists have discovered numerous mummified ancient individuals with what appear to be metal bands wrapped around their teeth. A Roman tomb was found with a number of teeth bound with gold wire documented as a ligature wire, a small elastic wire that is used to affix the arch wire to the bracket.

Even Cleopatra wore a pair. Roman philosopher and physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus first recorded the treatment of teeth by finger pressure. Unfortunately, due to lack of evidence, poor preservation of bodies, and primitive technology, little research was carried out on dental braces until around the 17th century, although dentistry was making great advancements as a profession by then. Orthodontics truly began developing in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In , French dentist Pierre Fauchard , who is often credited with inventing modern orthodontics, published a book entitled “The Surgeon Dentist” on methods of straightening teeth. Fauchard, in his practice, used a device called a “Bandeau”, a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that helped expand the palate. In , another French dentist, Louis Bourdet , dentist to the King of France, followed Fauchard’s book with The Dentist’s Art, which also dedicated a chapter to tooth alignment and application.

He perfected the “Bandeau” and was the first dentist on record to recommend extraction of the premolar teeth to alleviate crowding and to improve jaw growth. Several important dentists helped to advance dental braces with specific instruments and tools that allowed braces to be improved.

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Oct 31,  · How to Kiss With Braces In this Article: Article Summary Taking it Slow Turning Up the Heat Keeping it Hot Community Q&A Learning how to kiss can be daunting enough, but having braces while you do it can add a whole new curve ball to your kissing game%(17).

As a rule, you should call the office when you experience severe pain or when you have a painful appliance problem that you cannot take care of yourself. If you have an orthodontic emergency after regular office hours, please give us a call. If you are calling us after hours, please follow the message to learn how to contact Dr. Overall, there are usually three common emergencies with braces. Broken brackets can be caused by moisture contamination from the glue — mostly from your saliva — at the time of bonding.

And unfortunately, most broken brackets are caused by eating hard foods or horseplay. These foods are on this list because they can easily break braces. What to do if you have a broken bracket: If a loose bracket is at the back of the mouth — you will want to try to remove the bracket from the wire. If your loose bracket is in the middle or the front, take a piece of wax from your container, break a little piece off and roll it into a ball.

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How Much Do Braces Cost? Many general dentists are doing basic alignment and orthodontics, but orthodontists specialize in correcting irregularities of the teeth. The dentist or orthodontist you choose will ask questions about your health, conduct a clinical exam, take impressions of your teeth , take photos of your face and teeth, and order X-rays of the mouth and head.

An appropriate treatment plan is made based on analysis of the gathered information. In some cases, a removable retainer will be all that’s necessary. In other rare cases especially when there is an extreme overbite or underbite , surgery may be necessary. In most cases, however, braces will be needed. What Types of Braces Are Available? If braces are indeed the solution for you, the dentist or orthodontist will prescribe an appliance specific for your needs.

The braces may consist of bands, wires, and other fixed or removable corrective appliances. No one method works for everyone. How Do Braces Work? In their entirety, braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction.

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Changing How You Eat 1 Cut food into small pieces. One of the biggest risks that could damage the brackets on your braces comes from how you eat food. Biting into foods the way you’re used to from a lifetime of eating could cause brackets to come off your teeth or break apart.

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The headgear attaches to the braces via metal hooks or a facebow. Straps or a head cap anchor the headgear to the back of the head or neck. In some situations, both are used. Elastic bands are used to apply pressure to the bow or hooks. Its purpose is to slow or stop the upper jaw from growing, thereby preventing or correcting an overjet.

Other forms of headgear treat reverse overjets, in which the top jaw is not forward enough. It is similar to a facemask, also attached to braces, and encourages forward growth of the upper jaw. Headgear can also be used to make more space for teeth to come in. In this instance the headgear is attached to the molars, via molar headgear bands and tubes, and helps to draw these molars backwards in the mouth, opening up space for the front teeth to be moved back using braces and bands.

Multiple appliances and accessories are typically used along with the headgear, such as: Many patients wear a combination of, or all of these appliances at any given time in their treatment. Typically however the prescribed daily wear time will be between 14 and 16 hours a day. Full orthodontic headgear with headcap, fitting straps, facebow and elastics Facebow: This facebow then extends out of the mouth and around the patients face.

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