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In and Dalmatia was ravaged by the Huns , after the fall of the Western Roman Empire , in Dalmatia became part of the Ostrogothic kingdom , which, besides Italy, already included the more northerly parts of Illyricum , i. In the 5th century, under the rule of the Ostrogothic Kingdom , Zadar became poor with many civic buildings ruined due to its advanced age. About the same time 6th century it was hit by an earthquake, which destroyed entire complexes of monumental Roman architecture, whose parts would later serve as material for building houses. This caused a loss of population and created demographic changes in the city, then gradually repopulated by the inhabitants from its hinterland. In Dalmatia was devastated by an Avar invasion; although further waves of attacks by Avar and Slav tribes kept up the pressure, it was the only city which survived due to its protective belt of inland plains. The Dalmatian capital Salona was captured and destroyed in the s, so Zadar became the new seat of the Byzantine archonty of Dalmatia , territorially reduced to a few coastal cities with their agers and municipal lands at the coast and the islands nearby. The prior of Zadar had jurisdiction over all Byzantine Dalmatia, so Zadar enjoyed metropolitan status at the eastern Adriatic coast. At this time rebuilding began to take place in the city. Donatus church , 9th century At the beginning of the 9th century the Zadar bishop Donatus and the city duke Paul mediated in the dispute between the Holy Roman empire under Pepin and the Byzantine Empire.

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So in case if you want to spice up your vacation with a marriage ceremony and turn the whole voyage into a honeymoon experience, here is a guide on Croatian wedding customs. You probably already know some of them, but others are sure to be a complete revelation.

Davor Croatian weddings have traditions that stretch back for hundreds of years. Every culture has its customs and while modern weddings are often deprived of traditional elements, adding some can give wedding a certain charm. In Croatia, there are many wedding customs and traditions, depending on the region the wedding takes place. Each guest receives a single branch of rosemary which is pinned to their left side as corsages.

Often, the rosemary is decorated with a red-white-blue ribbon that symbolizes Croatian flag. A male family member opens the door, but they are not just giving the bride away yet. After being fraud, the groom finally gets to see his bride and then both parties unite and leave for the church.

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Our guide features expert recommendations for beach , villa , culture , food and drink and activity holidays. Photography workshop, Dubrovnik Rugged mountains, endless blue seascapes, Venetian-era harbour towns and rolling vineyards are enough to inspire anyone into taking up photography. Try your hand at a photography workshop Credit: The Croatia tours limited to participants include individual and group reviews, personal assignments, luxury hotels and amazing food.

Photo Workshop Adventures photoworkshopadventures. Ban Tours offers a nine-day trip that takes in various Unesco sites.

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The crew of a container ship at the centre of New Zealand’s biggest cocaine bust crossed the Pacific unaware of the multimillion dollar stash attached to their vessel’s hull by smugglers. It is the largest cocaine bust in the country’s history and comes after a five month operation by Police and Customs. Matt Shand Police Assistant Commissioner: The cache was then moved to a Tauranga location for distribution but every move made by the alleged offenders was watched by police.

Their wait was rewarded with the arrest of Two Australian men, a Croatian aged in their mid-forties, and one Serbian national in his mid-thirties. A large amount of cash, thought to be from a previous importation of 30kg of cocaine, was also found. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Assistant Commissioner Investigations Richard Chambers said the the bust was good news for the community. While the drugs may be off the streets the police work is far from complete with the focus moving to other smuggles of Class A drugs and the money laundering that supports the illegal trade.

A sophisticated money laundering operation sending hundreds of thousands of dollars out of New Zealand through international criminal money remitters was also discovered.

Croatian Sarma and Strudel to Enter Guinness Book of Records

Dubrovnik and the islands off Southern Croatia are tempting travelers with natural beauty and a buzzing nightlife. Peter Jon Lindberg succumbs to their charms. The rules are simple: Choose a storied locale from a particular moment in the past 50 years, and the place that earns the most “aaah’s” wins. Someone invariably picks St.

Family traditions in Croatia and Croatian family by Marriage Croatia · Published November 3, · Updated October 11, Croatia is a country where ancient .

Interesting facts to get to know Hungarians better If you ask me how Hungarian people look like, it would be hard for me to find a stereotype to describe them. Most Hungarians look different from each other. Not all Hungarians are blond, or tall, or have certain common features. They come from many different backgrounds, therefore they have different features. But there is something that if I have to generalize I would say that most women are beautiful and men are good looking.

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Average and Minimum Salary in Zagreb, Croatia February 20, Off In this post, we will analyze the average and minimum salary in Zagreb, Croatia, one of the most beautiful capitals in the Balkans region. Trg Bana Jelacica, Zagreb. However, its economy is still far from the good. It suffered a slowdown in the economy in and it is still recovering.

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Since , Croats have insisted that their tongue now called Croat is distinctive. The spoken language is basically the same, but Serbs use the Cyrillic alphabet and Croats the Roman alphabet. Under the Yugoslav Socialist Republic, churches—Roman Catholic in particular—experienced repression by the state. This moderated in , when an agreement with the Vatican recognized a religious role for the clergy.

The Orthodox are primarily Serbs; other minority religions can be found mostly in urban areas. No formal restrictions are placed on religious groups, and all are free to conduct public services and run social and charitable institutions. The constitution provides for freedom of conscience and religion and this right is generally respected in practice.

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Tweet Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. As a matter of fact, some more scrupulous people observe them in such detail that they ruin the fun for everyone. And Croatia, being a very romantic country , is also a perfect place to get hitched. So in case if you want to spice up your vacation with a marriage ceremony and turn the whole voyage into a honeymoon experience, here is a guide on Croatian wedding customs.

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Traditional dances, music and food. Dances and Music We can provide musicians and different music groups for Concerts, Conventions, Corporate Events, and every imaginable event where music is an asset. Incentive programs An endless combination of evening programs can be orchestrated. About folklore in Croatia… Art of any given era cannot be perceived without any elements of folklore. Peak achievements in music are, more or less, based on elements of folklore, the fact being more than obvious today with frequent ethno festivals.

All the characteristics of a people, such as the environment, natural phenomena, speech, rhythm, songs and dance are all present in its unique folklore that is patiently waiting for an artist and his imagination to perceive it through his eyes and ears and transform it into a new work of art.

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Here are 9 interesting facts about Serbian culture. They are often more family- and friend-minded. This means that it uses two writing systems — both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The Cyrillic alphabet is still used for more official documents and in schools, but more and more Serbs are opting to use the Latin alphabet outside of these realms.

The most common type of humor is black humor and jokes about local stereotypes. When your host offers something they themselves prepared, be sure to acknowledge their efforts.

The new Croatian Army grew out of a para-military established originally as Croatia began to feel threatened and vulnerable before the outbreak of war in As tensions built in the former Yugoslavia, Croats began to refuse to serve in the Yugoslav Army.

December 13, The Best Christmas Markets in Croatia You know Christmas is just round the corner when the festive outdoor markets open. And it means that there are lots of wonderful Croatian Christmas customs and traditions , many of which are decades or even centuries old. And Christmas markets in Croatia add another lovely level to the build up. Christmas markets in Zagreb Photo Credit: So check into the luxurious 5-star Esplanade or sophisticated 4-star Hotel Dubrovnik and everything is on your doorstep.

How better to enjoy the best Christmas markets in Croatia? It is truly a Christmassy culinary treat for foodies with aromas, favors and traditional dishes to delight, tickle and treat your tastebuds.

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